Either Bitcoin is gaining value or my fiat currency is losing value, or both?

My bitcoin has a first name, it’s M_O_N_E_Y

My bitcoin has a last name, it’s M_O_N_E_Y

Bitcoin has come out a winner this day, almost pushing Bitcoin Cash below $1000.00 USDT.  All crypto is in a frenzy, ALL CRYPTO.  If you are into Ethereum, then your neighbor is into Dash.  If you are into Monero, then your Aunt loves Electroneum.  All this haphazard mess of coins is reminiscent of the “Dot-Com Bubble” of 2000.  At that time I worked for a startup software company and kinda felt a change coming in the tech industry.  In March 2000 I resigned from my post and soon after the bubbles starting popping.  If you are not familiar with the infamous “2000 dot-com bubble”, basically hordes of investors double-downed on companies such as “Pets.com” just to make sure that they were included when Susie Borland in MA orders her cat food.  It seemed to be the gravy train, but it was not.  Soon after, lots of companies and websites folded.  Get this, one company was called “Pay My Bills.com”.  They even sent me a T-shirt for joining.  Basically this company would receive all your bills, then they would open them, scan them to PDF format, and then email you the results.  You would then give them authorization to debit your checking account to pay those bills via a check.  What’s the catch?  I don’t know, it was a free service and they never billed me.  They went under.  And like Feathercoin, most of these wanna-be coins are going to have a huge “coming-to-terms” with the amount of support and sheer numbers in their respective communities.  Bitcoin slapped everyone around today landing at $7478 USDT.

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