Bitcoin price sway is like riding a mechanical bull

Ever seen those mechanical bulls in bars or party setups?  They usually setup a “barrier” with mattress padding in the middle to “cushion” your “fall” and there is always some crazy behind the controls?  Yes, you know it, you’ve seen it, and you’ve probably rode one at some point in your life.  You VOLUNTEER yourself willing to the program to be slung side-to-side and up-down with circles and semi-circles in dramatic motions until suddenly you lose your grasp and tumble down.  This is Bitcoin, welcome to Bitcoin, you will get splashed in the face by other in Bitcoin, you will not put your phone down in Bitcoin.  All prices to you are in satoshi, even hot dogs.  And nothing can take you off once you have started.  My trading associate was constantly on the eye-phone #(insert latest version here) and checking all markets against all other markets and claiming that Puerto Rico being added to the Union may have had a hand in this or was it break in rain in Orlando, Florida?  Oh, and did you see the coinbase “shutdown” for “maintenance” earlier?  Who ever buys on coinbase that wanted to buy in at $2500 was “down a river without a paddle” so to speak.  Delays and delays.  I even brought up as a desperate solution for our Bit-fix.  We finally broke down and discussed the recent Crypto-bit brothers youtube video about how to buy from an ATM.  Do I need to bring a QR code?  Will they provide me one?  How does it work?   How much are the fees?  Do they sell AND BUY?  Can I get some cash for my Bitcoin?  The future has arrived and the USA and its “territories” may get a MAJOR face lift in the current “political climate”.  I tend to “speak” in many “innuendos” for “some reason” today.  But all is well.  Keep crypto alive and please download and install the latest Monero wallet and if you want to go the extra mile, open your network port 18080 and 18081 so that others can benefit on the Monero network.

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