Bitcoin at all time high and no stop in sight as rain drenches the Southeast US. $2842 USD.

Bitcoin won’t stop until it hits $3003, then it will stop and go back down to $2452.89, then go back up to $2570.32, then go back down to $2508.48, before going right back up to $3003.25.  Now that is a tricky prediction but it could be better or worse.  Some observers to the investment cycle just like to watch the sell order walls get eaten up by new money.  Old money is holding tight or has already lost its private keys.  New money means new tokens and new platforms and new ideas and new jobs and careers in the Information Technology sector.  Blockchains lead to sidechains, soon we may have babychains.  What would a babychain do?  Maybe it babysits your money while offering it up to the highest bidder on loan interest?  That would be nice, a decentralized loan brokerage clearinghouse which utilizes babychain technology to harbor your precious coins in an effort to build value by the collection of interest fees from short-term loans.  Got all that?  Great, get to work!  Then you can offer your platform’s token on an ICO (Initial Coin Offereing), hosted on the ethereum network.  See how it all is coming together?  I think is a great platform for an online marketplace that is centered on cryptocurrency and decentralization, plus its open-sourced.

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