All coins up after the recent drop. BTC holds $2500, XMR holds $45, ETH goes to $242 USD.

Watch as June arrives and keeps investors interested in recent trends to cryptocurrency communities and keeps all coins, Monero included, on the up and up.  Investors are holding for long term and also investing in exchange lending services where they “create” temporary loans with coins they own at interest rates they decide at for a minimum term of two-day loans.  The “Web 3.0″ is getting excitement as Ethereum scales Initial Coin Offerings, ICOs, to the masses.  As a wide-open investor I decided to jump on the ICO bandwagon and bought a few of the new STORJ token.  STORJ is a coin that was previously referred to as Storjcoin X (SJCX) and had an ICO in May 2017 for the new STORJ coin at $0.50 USD each.  The reason for the name change was mainly because they are switching blockchains from bitcoin to ethereum.  Main effect being lower transaction rates.  Soon owners of SJCX will be able to transfer their coin to STORJ on a 1:1 basis.  Essentially killing off one coin to join another, a hard fork if you will.  A hard plate more like it as it will essentially be on ethereum’s network as a “token”.  This may be what is exactly raising ethereum ETH prices upwards of $240+.  They are now the “gatekeepers” of other cryptocurrencies.  Imagine ethereum as a “game room arcade” with different amusements to play and interact with.  Some involved physical interaction like throwing or kicking a ball.  Other were games of chance as you would hit a button to respond to a visual marker.  And still others were plain ol’ video games like Pac-Man.  And just for fun let’s include the “claw machine” which allows you to grab for prizes.  Now each amusement game will accept a “token” for you to play it, some requiring more than one token to play, and ethereum as the “token broker” will be officiating who get paid and where depending on which amusement game is being played and how often.  The Pac-Man game takes plain ol’ QuarterCoin at one each, the “claw” takes two BummerCoins, the basketball through the hoop takes three JeepersCoins, and the roll-ball-into-hoop game takes one HergeyballCoin.  Coins require wallets and wallets require ethereum to act as the “gas” in getting coins from point to point and peer to peer, hence the need for ethereum and hence the price will rise as demand rises.  Monero plays it cool, lays low, and keeps churning the numbers.  The network hash rate is above 80 MH per secoind and open full nodes are averaging near 1000.  And the price is around $45.  All is good, for now.

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