This looks and smells like the dot-com bust of 2000.  This is at the level of, the death of the search page, AskJeeves, etc.  OR, is society realizing that fiat currency is old news and cryptocurrency is the future.

Seriously, lately Monero XMR hits $57 USD, bitcoin BTC hits $2800, ethereum ETH over $200.  These prices are HIGHLY inflated and will show correction.  So, to see that today Monero XMR is trading around $43 AND its down for the day, that is great news!  We know now that Monero XMR has a SUPPORT level at or around $38.  This is great! Since price stabilization is needed to show the overall strength of any given coin.  I do see Monero reaching $85 or more by end of year, but would rather see that prediction turn out slowly not quickly.

Check current cryptocoin cryptocurrency prices, charts, and more at sites such as these two I recommend and

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