PPLNS Pool xmrpool.net gets consecutive block rewards!


Very rare to see this, finding two blocks in a row.  This is because the odds of a pool finding a block are determined by dividing the pool hash rate by the overall network hasrate.  I notice a usual pool hash rate of 0.1 MH/second.  And the overall network hashrate is around 65 MH/second, this ratio is 1 to 650.  We have a 1 in 650 chance each time a Monero XMR block is found, so to hit twice in a row you multiply each chance occurrence odds by each chance occurrence odds, or (1/650 x 1/650 = 1/422500), or 0.00024 % chance of occurring.  So, get mining so that you too can enjoy the benefits of earning Monero XMR coins.




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