Monero hits $30 USD

The price goes up.  The price goes down.  What matters is that the network is healthy and active.  Fungibility and anonymity keep Monero XMR coin on top of the tips of tongues. Any search of “cryptocurrency marketcap” will show you the markets’ current activity in terms of price and volume.  Some speculate that price “jumps” and “dumps” are projected in advance by certain groups or “players” in an attempt to create “good” trades against you or others.  I believe in Monero’s future.  I do trade, but I mostly trade for other altcoins such as Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Storj, MAID, Bitshares, and others.  This portfolio is more like a sampler platter you’d order before the main entree.  I like to play around in fungibility markets and see how well coins trade against each other.  For example, on Poloniex you can trade XMR Monero against LTC Litecoin.


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