2017 Mining Effort Goal – 250 billion hashes at XMRPOOL.NET!!!

I am setting a goal to hit 200 to 250 billion hashes in 2017!!  I have a count of 2.5 billion already so 250 billion seems like a reasonable goal.  All in an attempt to gain more coins and also keep the network running smoothly.  I’ve incorporated the help of http://www.nicehash.com/  this service enables you to “rent” out mining efforts provided from both USA and Europe.  You will need to setup an account, deposit Bitcoin, then post a Standard or Fixed mining effort job in the algorithm of your choice attending to the mining pool of your choice.  In this current effort, I submitted about 0.02 Bitcoin to NiceHash and received about 39 hours of mining effort hash power from both USA and Europe miners.  It was an exciting endeavor to be able to “bid” on the lowest priced miner and still get a high hash rate return at the mining pool of my choice.  The nice thing about NiceHash.com is that is you place a “Standard” bid on hash power and if the price of mining hash power goes lower, then you are able to lower your bid every 10 minutes so that you can catch the best price per hash rate.

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